Ways To Stop Poodle Biting

Published: 16th September 2010
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Tips To Stop Poodle Biting

Stop Poodle biting is a very usual challenge for people of these lovely and curly minor dogs. The main dilemma is that nearly all Poodle owners let the behavior expand and keep on when the dogs are puppies and maybe they are still lovely. A tiny minor poodle with bows in its hair is very sweet and yet it ultimately develops into a bigger doggy with bigger teeth that will carry on to bit indiscriminately.

What can cause Poodle Biting

There is a typical belief that poodles bite more frequently than any other pet dog breed, with toy poodles biting even more frequently than standards. In truth, Poodles that are well trained will generally not bite at all with only a slightly higher occurrence rate than any other dogs.

The reason behind that slightly higher rate is generally related to their character - a poodle is not bred to do anything else other than be a pet. And yet, poodles are considered to be the smartest pet dog breed around. Combine intellect with too little any strong instincts, and poodles can grow stubborn and unresponsive to basic commands when they are not properly controlled.

Easy methods to Stop Poodle Biting

Luckily, because poodles are so smart, they could be highly trained and learn that biting is not acceptable behaviour. To begin with, make sure your Poodle is properly socialized as a puppy. A puppy should never be taken from its mother before 8 weeks of age - ensuring it is given the time it has to learn not to bite and to control of its urge to show dominance.

After 8 weeks, the pet dog should be socialized with your family and with other puppies. Go to bite aversion classes, puppy day cares, and make sure you are very calm and welcoming to the pet dog. Poodle puppies should never be scolded as they may not be young enough to know better and early aggression on your side can create long term behaviour problems.

For those who have a poodle biting problem with a puppy, don't allow it. Provide a toy whenever the puppy bites and make soft whimpering sounds to show the puppy that the bite hurt you. This is one way other puppies would show the same behaviour.

Poodle Biting in Elderly Dogs

In case your Poodle is older and still likes to nip or even bite people, you need to ensure you have full control of your doggy. To begin with, be certain that you're the alpha leader. Control feeding times, walking times, and teach your doggy some basic commands. Do not back down from your dog and never waffle on your commands. Additionally, avoid any games like wrestling, tug of war, or chasing that may result in biting. This makes the behaviour into a game that grabs attention.

When your Poodle shows aggressive tendencies or fear and anxiety related tendencies, take them to an obedience class where they can socialize with other dogs and be forced, in a controlled environment to address their aggression issues.

In case your Poodle Biting situation persists and grows more dangerous, consider hiring an expert or even visiting your vet to rule out any potential health related causes to their biting.

No matter what you do, know that biting from your Poodle is not tolerable. Even with a toy poodle, this is a sign of greater behaviour problems under the surface that should be dealt with immediately.

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